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Patient Testimonials

The reviews speak for themselves. Prinz Acupuncture has earned a five-star rating on Yelp and was also hand-picked as one of the top twenty best acupuncturists in New York City in both 2017 and 2016 by Expertise.com.  

Read on to hear what Prinz Acupuncture patients have to say.

My experience with Prinz Acupuncture could not have been better. I had gotten into a bicycle accident earlier this Summer and I was recovering slowly. However, chasing around a 1.5 year-old toddler likely set my progress back many weeks. I had heard from another health professionals that I knew that said Erika had "perfect needle technique", so who better to have my first experience with. I was blown away when my pain level went from an 8 to a 5 in just our first session. I signed up for the three-session package which I consider very reasonable. Not only did Erika help me with pain management but acupuncture is soooooo relaxing and I would do it again just to feel rejuvenated.
- Seaver W., Manhattan

I had a great experience with Prinz Acupuncture! Because I'm active in sports, I continuously have aches and pains from both old injuries and new ones. Erika make them go away so I can get back in the gym pain free. I highly recommend visiting Prinz Acupuncture, especially if you're an athlete.
- Jason M., Brooklyn, NY

Erika is great. She's down to earth and treats you with care and concern. I've seen her many times over the past couple of years for running injuries and when I just need to chill out and relax. Sometimes it takes a few treatments to clear things up, but I've always feel better after seeing her. She definitely knows what she's doing and is open to answering what ever questions I have about acupuncture and what she's doing.
- Brian E., Manhattan

Since seeing Erika, my pain has almost completely receded. I feel great! It's like having my limbs back! Erika is professional, knowledgeable, caring and very gentle. I am booking another appointment this week!
- Demetri T., Manhattan

I decided it was time to try acupuncture when the pain in my left wrist and forearm started interfering with my yoga practice. I was a bit skeptical but needed to try something and friends kept recommending acupuncture. I was lucky enough to find Prinz Acupuncture. Erika took a comprehensive assessment of me and immediately knew what the problem was. There was a tight knot in my arm just under my elbow. I never would have guessed or even noticed that my arm was tight up near my elbow or that it could be causing pain all the way down near my wrist. I saw Erika exactly two times. After the first session, the pain had dramatically decreased, and after the second session -- to my sheer amazement -- it was gone! As if that weren't enough, the treatments were actually very relaxing and enjoyable, and I barely felt the needles. I highly recommend Erika for any nagging pain or ailment that conventional medicine has failed to remedy.
- Rina G, Jersey City, NJ

My boyfriend and I both went to see Erika...for totally different things. He is recovering from knee surgery and was in a lot of pain. I was having neck tension from stress primarily. He felt so good and energized afterwards, as opposed to the pain and tired he felt coming in. He thought it was really awesome. I felt relaxed, like I wanted to take a nap afterwards, as opposed to the 100 miles an hour of adrenaline I felt when I came in. What I think is so great about Erika is that she really gets how to customize each person's treatment for the outcome they're looking for. I found her to be thoughtful, knowledgeable, sensitive, and kind...all the things I want from someone who's sticking itty bitty needles all over my body :) Also, I work in a related field and I'm glad to have someone who I trust to have as a resource for my clients.
- Rebecca L., Brooklyn

I had a series of treatments with Erika Prinz Freed, who is exceptionally talented. In addition to being a great listener, she is very intuitive about both the details and the bigger picture. There was definite movement in the condition I was treating. Erika's focus was fully on me while I was in her care. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
- Valerie G., New York, NY

My first experience with acupuncture, and a great one. I saw Erika for a few months with a pinched nerve. She always seemed to find the right setting to relieve any pain/tension. Always patient with me, explaining what did what and where. I never once felt rushed, letting me relax as long as I had time available. I will certainly go back if I ever need acupuncture again.
- Mike S., New York, NY

I have been getting acupuncture treatments (once or twice a month) for almost ten years now. I have been going to many different acupuncturist until I found Erika. She is by far the most thorough and professional acupuncturists I've yet experienced. She really listens and she is both complete and gentle during each session. She has helped me through multiple injuries (I'm sort of an athlete) as well as with my regular maintenance and balance. Simply put, she is remarkable.
- Alireza S., Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Wonderful experience! ... I saw Erika about a knee issue, and the pain was gone within a week! There's nothing to be afraid of as Erika explains exactly what's going on in the most relaxing manner.
- Ivan L., Long Island City, NY


Testimonials - Prinz Acupuncture in New York, NYC

Testimonials - Prinz Acupuncture in New York, NYC

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